About Your Visit


Please bring the following items to your appointment:


  • Your insurance card

  • New patient forms

  • Your medical and surgical history

  • Immunization record (patients younger than 18 years old)

  • Any medications you are currently taking

  • All inhalers, spacers/holding chambers and peak flow meters 

  • A list of any drug allergies 

If your primary care provider has referred you to us, please request a copy of any relevant medical records, including lab work or x-rays, be sent to us prior to your scheduled appointment.

Please notify our office 24 hours in advance to cancel any appointments.

The day of your scheduled visit
What happens during my first appointment?

On your first visit, you and your physician will talk about your allergy-related symptoms and medical history. You are welcome to bring a list of any questions you may have. After taking a careful medical history and reviewing your completed patient questionnaire, your allergist/immunologist will determined whether or not diagnostic tests are needed.

What medications do I need to stop taking to ensure the accuracy of a skin test?

Please contact one of our clinics at least 7 days prior to your initial visit for advice and guidance regarding your medications.